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Program Spotlight: Center for Resolution and Justice

Kim, a local business owner and mother of two, was in the midst of a difficult divorce with no resolution in sight. One particular sticking point was their disagreement on appropriate parenting styles and discipline for their children.

Kim and her husband had been unable to reach a lasting parenting agreement after working with several attorneys. Frustrated, she began searching for alternatives that could help them resolve the parenting issues that were so important to both of them. Through online research, she learned more about the Center for Resolution and Justice (CRJ). "Knowing that none of the steps we’d taken through the court had worked, I thought mediation might help us create a parenting plan that we could both agree to."

One of CRJ’s divorce mediators worked with them to facilitate a productive conversation on parenting, discipline issues, expectations and needs. The mediator’s assistance allowed the parents to begin to see one another’s real interests and concerns.

"It was a give and take process. We both had to lay out what we thought was acceptable and not acceptable, and then come then negotiate the areas where we disagreed. It was a tough process at first, and we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, but the mediator was able to help us talk about the issues and see the other’s perspective."

The mediation process helped Kim and her husband create a parenting plan that was easy for both of them to stick to that was ultimately filed with the court as part of their Judgment of Divorce. While there have been ongoing disagreements about other issues surrounding the divorce, "the parenting issues addressed during mediation have never been brought up again."

For more information on divorce mediation or other mediation services, visit CRJ on the web or contact: